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  Diablo 3 - Öffentliches Beta-Wochenende ab heute Abend 20.04.2012  

Heute ab 21:00 startet Blizzard mit einer öffentlichen Diablo 3 Beta. Es können alle fünf Charakterklassen bis Level 13 gespielt werden. Die Beta endet am Montag um 19:00.


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  CS:GO Beta Beta-Anmeldung gestartet 23.02.2012  
Hallo Lob-Crew,

die CS:GO Beta-Anmeldung wurde gestartet! Über Steam könnt ihr euch absofort für einen Zugang bewerben.
Für die Bewerbung müsst ihr nur einen Fragebogen über Steam ausfüllen und bekommt dann nächste Woche Montag bescheid.

Hier der Link zum Fragebogen:
CS:GO Beta-Anmeldung

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  Domain abgeschaltet 16.02.2012  
Hallo Leute,

die Domain wurde "offline" geschaltet.
Die HP ist weiterhin über erreichbar.

Gruß Kuchen

  geschrieben von Kuchen [2] Kommentare, letzter von TOasT - 19.04.2012 - 19:33  
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Dungy: Gregg Williamsҥdskins may have started Peyton Manning㠮ape issuesBy Gregg Williams, feeling his oats among Washington, D.C. (AP)

By the duration the is over, the only thing former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams might never have been blamed for is whatever gas prices occur to be by that period And now that the kindness system he participated within meanwhile with the Saints , facts that formerly came to light are immediately going beneath the magnifying glass with a much harsher light actors aboard them.

Last September, wrote an story surrounded which ex-Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy put the begin of 's longstanding neck injuries plus surgerieswholesale nhl jerseys by a game between the Colts plus the Redskins aboard October 22, 2006. On an activity Manning was given a "high-low"buffet along defensive linemen Andre Carter and Those types of hits,surrounded which two defensive players intention as alter halves of an aggressive player's body, are among the highest dangerous amid football.


After the activity Manning arrange aboard the ground as a brief period got up,nfl jerseys,plus as Dungy told Peter King of plus NBC Sports last September, shook his right arm "as if trying apt obtain the feeling back surrounded it."

From Boren's story:

"Earlier surrounded the game," Dungy said, "I'm outraged that thercheap nfl jerseyse was a flag for roughing-the-passer on Dwight Freeney as impartial grazing the quarterback's helmet. So I'm yelling by the ref [Scott Green], 'Where's the flag! Where's the flag!' And I don't exclaim much,yet I did subsequently So I didn't notice Peyton calling timeout plus being shaken up. Peyton came to the sideline plus said to [backup] Jim Sorgi, 'Jim,begin warming up.' As the timeout went on he said apt us, 'I can stay in yet we need apt escape the ball here.' "

"Then we sort of forgot almost it by halftime,and Peyton seemed fine," Dungy said. "He lit it up within the second half. He was aboard flame [throwing as 244 yards plus three touchdowns]. But that's the year we startednhl jerseys wholesale cheap cutting behind aboard his throws by practice. I'm not putting two plus two splice I equitable graph he's getting older plus he needs some rush hour he's made enough throws. But now as I see back aboard it, there's no doubt among my mind that this was the begin of his cervix problems."

"The fellow wouldn't let go of my head?Manning said?after the game of Daniels, who was fined $5,000 along the NFL for the beat"I looked at my helmet apt discern whether my head was surrounded it."

Peyton Manning among 2006,impartial ahead he got he Williams Treatment. (AP)

Daniels,immediately the Redskins' guide of player development,on his Twitter account:

Funny how Tnfl jerseys cheap onsaleony Dungy is tracing Manning's nape problem behind five years ago I still apt this day think it was a appealing hit and only fined for of who the QB was. Andre pulling him forward plus my arm across his chess [sic]going inverse direction and he falls to his knees causing my arm to work higher. Refs saw same thing so that's why there was not flag. Sometimes as a QB you must know the kill of the road plus obtain down instead of trying apt make a spectacular throw I have never been a sordid player so him getting ache among that game was not me trying to ache him but rather him being in crazy position. I think he has thrown for a million yards since then and taken a few other hits since 2006.? :nhl jerseysr />